Staff Senate Executive Team

Staff Senate Committees

Staff Senators are elected representatives.

Duties of a Staff Senator include:  participate in meetings, serve on at least one standing committee of the Staff Senate, represent constituents by facilitating open lines of communication, and serve on a university committee, if appointed, to name a few. The Senate is composed of several committees, including:

The Staff Senate is governed by its Constitution and Bylaws. Amendments to the UNCG Staff Senate Constitution & Bylaws may be recommended by the Senate to the Chancellor by a two-thirds vote of those Senate members present at a regularly scheduled Senate meeting, provided the amendment was introduced and discussed at the regular meeting immediately prior to the meeting at which a vote on the recommended amendment is taken. If two-thirds of the Senate (present at the meeting) votes to approve a proposed amendment, the Chair of the Senate shall forward the proposed amendment to the Chancellor for approval.

We are looking to shift the purpose of our website to become a hub for clear and accurate communication. This group will be asked to  

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement of current site. 
  • Update site content to reflect the latest branding, messaging, and Staff Senate Strategic Plan. 
  • Help us tell the Staff story and highlight what we are doing and who we are. 

This is the second year that we have done some sort of onboarding process, and we would like to continue this effort and build upon what has been done in the past to have a more concrete process for how and when to offer onboarding for new and returning Senators. This group will be asked to consider the onboarding process for both senators and committee chairs.  

This committee plans and coordinates Senate communications and seeks to increase staff engagement with the Senate, UNCG, and our broader community. We invite sub-committees and individuals to contribute in various capacities, including but not limited to:

  • Maintain the Senate’s website, social media presence, and coordinates a monthly newsletter.
  • Identify community service activities or initiatives on campus that are relevant to UNCG staff and shall coordinate staff participation in these activities. A strong emphasis is placed on Senate presence in and devotion to the UNCG community.
  • Responsible for planning and leading fundraising efforts of the Staff Senate, namely in helping grow the UNCG Staff Senate Scholarships and Staff Excellence Awards Endowed Fund. This fund assists staff and their dependents in pursuing professional development opportunities and in raising supplementary funds for awarding of additional Staff Excellence Awards, given annually to staff who have gone above and beyond in their service to the University. 

The Staff Recognition Committee shall be responsible for the administration of the Staff Stars program, University Staff Excellence Awards, Ezekiel Robinson Staff Emeritus Award, the Staff Senate Scholarship award, and the SoCon Award. Additional recognition programs may also be developed. This committee will also assist with the planning and facilitation of Staff Appreciation Day event.

Ideas and suggestions, along with assistance in delivering Awards are welcome throughout the year from constituents, not just Senators.

Senators who are in the last year of their term will serve on the Elections Committee in addition to duties assigned in order to assist the Past-Chair in acquiring nominations to fill their upcoming vacancies. Elections of Senators shall be conducted prior to May 15 of each year. The Immediate Past-Chair of the Staff Senate, shall serve as Chair of the Elections Committee and supervise the election process.

List of Senators by Division

  • Charlie Birkner
  • Heather Bishop
  • Derek Bradley
  • Steven Crawford
  • Laura Drew
  • Lee Griffin
  • Barbara Halbert
  • Abigail Hart
  • Clara Hidalgo
  • Kate Humphries
  • Ryan Ridpath
  • Audrey Sage
  • Paula Terrell

  • Meredith Atchison
  • Gus Peña
  • Bri Welsh

  • Matthew Fridell
  • Kristy Howell
  • Shannon Lovett

  • Mark Cable
  • Cindy Carrington
  • Mitzi Cartwright
  • Jason Kennedy
  • Christy Lennon
  • Kara Milton
  • Andrew Thomas

  • Audrey Bryk-Lee
  • Cathy Church

  • Michele Cheek
  • Carl Jones

  • Christopher Ferguson
  • Darrell Kicker
  • Brynne Pulver

  • Alice Culclasure
  • Dennis Jansen

  • Jennifer Boggs
  • Ian Draves
  • Ryan Milligan
  • Kimberly Mozingo
  • Brianna Souza
  • Carla Wilson
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