About Us

Staff Senate Mission

The major purpose of the UNCG Staff Senate shall be to provide for awareness of and involvement in the University community by SPA and EPA non-faculty employees (hereinafter referred to as “staff”); to encourage professional and personal development of the staff; to improve communication within and between all staff and faculty within the University; and to participate in University governance through representatives appointed by the Chancellor as recommended by the Staff Senate Executive Committee to serve on appropriate committees of the University. Staff recognize their integral role of providing professional support to the University. The UNCG Staff Senate shall continually seek new opportunities for staff to offer their services and experience to UNCG, while also ensuring that staff work in a positive, respectful atmosphere with opportunities for their own professional and personal growth. The UNCG Staff Senate’s goals are to address constructively the concerns of the UNCG staff by:

  • seeking out the issues, interests, ideas, and participation of staff;
  • developing proactive, progressive recommendations and advocating these to the administration and the staff;
  • providing an effective two-way communication link between the administration and the staff;
  • fostering an open, positive campus environment and sustaining a diverse University community;
  • supporting achievement of the University’s vision of becoming a leading student-centered university, linking the Piedmont Triad to the world through learning, discovery, and service.

Staff Senate Leadership

  • Co Chairs – Adam Horton, Kisha Carmichael-Motley
  • Co Chairs Elect – Murphie Chappell, Megan Cayton
  • Past Co Chairs -Stephen Hale, Jan Albrecht,
  • Secretary – Steisha Pintado
  • Treasurer – Connie Uselman

Staff Senate Constitution and Bylaws

Please note: some items require the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.

The Senate is comprised of several committees, including:


The Service Committee shall identify community service activities or initiatives on campus that are relevant to UNCG staff and shall coordinate staff participation in these activities. A strong emphasis is placed on Senate presence in and devotion to the UNCG community. Senators and their constituencies are encouraged to submit their service interests, needs, and ideas to the committee chairs throughout the year.

Professional & Personal Development

In an effort to address a primary component of the Staff Senate mission, the Professional & Personal Development (PPD) Committee is responsible for coordinating and communicating professional development and personal enrichment opportunities provided to Senators and their constituents through various workshops and Senate meeting presentations. The PPD committee is also responsible for the promotion and administration of the Staff Senate Scholarship Fund and the Employee Enrichment Fund.

Staff Recognition

The Staff Recognition Committee shall be responsible for the administration of the Staff Stars program and the University Staff Excellence Awards. Additional recognition programs may also be developed. Ideas and suggestions, along with assistance in delivering Staff Star Awards are welcome throughout the year from constituents.


Senators who are in the last year of their term will serve on the Elections Committee in addition to duties assigned in order to assist the Past-Chair in acquiring nominations to fill their upcoming vacancy. Elections of Senators shall be conducted prior to May 15 of each year. The Immediate Past-Chair of the Staff Senate, shall serve as Chair of the Elections Committee, supervises the election process.


The Staff Senate is governed by its Constitution and Bylaws. Amendments to the UNCG Staff Senate Constitution & Bylaws may be recommended by the Senate to the Chancellor by a two thirds vote of those Senate members present at a regularly scheduled Senate meeting, provided the amendment was introduced and discussed at the regular meeting immediately prior to the meeting at which a vote on the recommended amendment is taken. If trvo thirds of the Senate (present at the meeting) votes to approve a proposed amendment, the Chair of the Senate shall forward the proposed amendment to the Chancellor for approval.

Information Resources

The Information Resources committee has been tasked with the role of coordinating and developing the UNCG Staff Senate “brand” and message as well as providing ways to better communicate with the campus and our constituents. This committee assumes the responsibility for the Staff Senate website and technical support of various Senate functions. Also the committee will be available for assisting other committee members in the development of marketing materials such as posters, signs, brochures and media communications.

Staff Relations

This committee will operate on the principle of confidentiality and informality in offering staff the opportunity to discuss concerns and to suggest options and resources for resolution.  In addition, the Staff Relations Committee will collaborate with staff in other key areas, focusing on issues that adversely impact the University community.  These key areas include, but are not limited to, the Department of Human Resources, the Legislative Liaison, Title IX Coordinator, the Dean of Students, and the Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence.